Monday, July 16, 2012

11 months

Still here guys! Got more free time now so stay tuned for more updates!

Monday, January 16, 2012

5 Months

Been in the big apple for 5 months now. Times sure does fly but I am definitely living the life that I want to live. Yes, I'm having a difficult time finding a job (career wise), but that's all part of the hustle. I'm still enjoying every minute of it, be it the ups or downs. New place, new people, new experiences. I'm learning something new about myself everyday, growing and maturing as each minute passes. Definitely loving everything about this city and all that it has to offer and I plan to stay here until I can say to myself that "I've made it." On my own standards and no one else.

But most importantly I get to spend everyday and every night with the person I love, a person that loves me as much, if not even more. Definitely wouldn't have been able to do this without her.

Friday, January 6, 2012


You know how at the end of every year everyone always say "Wow/omg/damn (etc). This year went by so fast." Well my 2011 definitely did not fly by. It went by just at the right speed and in my 24 years, last year has got to be my most memorable.

I accomplished so much and I've done so much growing up.

2011 started off with unemployment. I found myself being one of the many college graduates looking for a job. Well, I had 2 jobs but they weren't what I wanted to do. I was having such a difficult time starting my career as a nurse and as each day, week, month went by, I got more and more discouraged. I've never had trouble getting what I wanted and I wasn't used to being in that positing and it put me in a very dark place, got me thinking I wasn't good enough, and I was losing hope.

Then one day in February, I unexpectedly get a call with a job offer for a position as a District Nurse for Hayward Unified. Funny thing is that the whole time in school, being a school nurse never even crossed my mind. Now I was given this opportunity and I took it. It ended up opening my eyes to a totally different aspect of nursing that I pretty much had no idea about. But man, I found something there that I wasn't even looking for. It put me in a position to make a real impact on people, in this case the kids I was working with. Unlike working in a hospital, I was able to establish a relationship with them and see my hard work pay off. See them grow and hopefully learn and take something away from me was a big motivation and everyday I went home feeling awesome. On top of that I was surrounded by a wonderful group of women that took me in like I was their son. They taught me so much, not just about nursing but the doors it can open up for me.

One of those doors is an ability to transfer my nursing license to other states giving me the option of relocating. Yes, I this meant that I was going to leave the job that I unexpectedly fell in love with but you can never have everything and it was either stay in Hayward and work or explore and see what else is out there for me. That's exactly what I did. I picked up and moved to New York.

Moving across the country means that I will be away from my family. It was one sacrifice I had to make. But this distance between us has actually made all of us closer. I talk to my parents, grandparents, and siblings a lot more. Our conversations have a lot more content. Each phone call, text, has more meaning. I do miss them though.

Through all of this there has always been one constant. Maybe the best thing that happened to me, not just last years but in a very long time. Maia. We've been friends for many years but I would have never expected us to get to this point. I was able to establish a real and healthy relationship with her. Throughout last year shes stuck with me through all of my ups and downs. She pushes me, lets me dream, plan the future, and with her I feel like we can go and do anything we want. That's what I love most about us.

So here's to a great next year. To do bigger and better things. See places we've never seen before. Go places we've never been to. Build new friendships, keep and strengthen your current ones. You get what I'm saying...

Friday, December 2, 2011


Man. November was just a crazy month for me. Hence the reason why I didnt blog pretty much all month. There were too many things to talk about that I just wanted to compile everything in one post. Theres some things I can really or dont reall want to bring up on here since I think my Mom reads this thing haha.

But so far New York life has been busy like always. Fall is here and its getting real cold fast. Leaves has changed and falling off the trees. Still prepping myself for the snow.

I turned 24 this month. Man... Im getting old. But Maia set up things whole surprise for me and had one of my best friends fly out to New York to greet me a Happy Birthday. Thanks Chris for coming! (thats what she said)
Birthday Bike Ride


Went to Watch The Throne Concert in Atlantic City. So awesome.

First time in Atlantic City and I think it might just be my last too. haha

Thanks to this girl for putting up with all my ridiculousness. I appreciate all the things you do for me. Thank You! Now stop wearing my clothes.

Thanksgiving was actually the most festive one Ive had ever. My family arent too into the holidays.
Meet Lo. Chef at Mahalrika cooking out thanksgiving turkey.
Thats pretty much it. I seem to be out more often now. Riding my bike more, winter is coming so Ill be home more trying to stay warm. So Ill most likely see ya'll on here more often.

Heres some few randoms.

Friday, November 4, 2011


I met Joe Pantaliano the other day. He's currently in the show "How To Make It In America" and was in "The Matrix" and "Sopranos." He's a cool guy. Really nice and seemed just like regular person. Even stopped to take a picture with me!
Wishing well
Crazy Boston Terrier
FINALLY! found some time to ride my bike!
Yesterday's sunset

Monday, October 31, 2011

Major NY Update

Damn. Been a long while. The past few weeks have been really really busy, but a good busy. Friend's visiting, hosting, being tour guides, checking out new places, partying, lots of drinking, a few hang overs, means a few call-ins to work, and over all lots of fun with good company.

Let's start with our 2 months anniversary in this city. To celebrate I went and bought Maia a fish. I've been wanting a pet to take care of and she's been wanting a fish. So win-win.
Made a trip to Coney Island with JP, Renee, and Carlo. All of our first time.
Atlantic Ocean.
Can't wait to come back in the winter when it's quiet and peaceful.
Look at these two.

JP came to visit his girlfriend out here and we got him to cancel his flight and stay in NY. Got us a new room mate!
5pointz. Alice in Wonderland
One random day while doing my laundry I met the one and only, NY graffiti legend Futura2000. I was so starstruck. Prolly one of the the coolest moments I've had here so far.
Slo and Edsel came to visit from the Bay Area. Here's the aftermath of night 1.
Subway randoms.

Soup Dumps with the dudes.
View from DUMBO.

Shabu Shabu.
Max Fish
Then to end their trip. The day they were leaving it started snowing!!! Our first time being/seeing/experiencing the snow in NY! we were all definitely excited.

Got on the roof to experience it fully.
and more drinking.
That's it for now. It's late, I'm hungry, and I got work tomorrow... Ill try my best to update sometime in the next 3 days. Promise!